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OSI has long been a proponent of using our research with our Long baseline Optical Anemometers (LOA) to benefit the airline and air cargo industry. Working with NASA in 2011 we developed the NASVOR system for detecting and measuring turbulence and tip vortices in aircraft takeoffs and landing approaches. The necessity for an opposing transmitter was done away with by the use of retroreflectors, making NASVOR essentially single-ended.

The use of NASVOR in airport applications promises to increase airport traffic while enhancing aircraft safety. Initial testing results have proved to be very promising and show the NASVOR system to be accurate, reliable, and a viable tool for airport operations.

Instrument Repair/Refurbishment

Pictured here is a repair/upgrade of a multi-band Dept. of Energy Microwave Radiometer (DOER) 22.n / 36.5 / 89 GHz instrument we performed for Goddard Space Flight Center

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